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Free Estimates for Water Well Drilling in South Eastern Ontario

It’s clear that Davy Well Drilling Ltd isn’t a fly-by-night operation. We’ve been right here, serving the Kingston area with year-round water well drilling, since our great grandfather started the business over 100 years ago.

We Find Water

Divining water veins is our specialty here at Davy Well Drilling Ltd. It’s critical that you hire a well driller who has the knowledge and expertise regarding wells in certain areas so you’ll have the proper quantity and quality of water.

Cable Tool - Rotary - Well Drilling 

Once we locate the best site for your water well, we’ll begin drilling with our rotary rig. If we don’t obtain enough water this way, we sometime bring in our cable tool to open up water veins to increase the flow of water. Contact us for:

• Year-round water well drilling

• Geothermal drilling

• Flow test

• Ground source heat pump wells

Wells in a Day or Two

Overall, your well can be finished in a day – or, if we face some challenging conditions, five days at most. We also repair and upgrade old wells, when needed.

Call today! | We can provide a water well in just a few days
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